Five Must-Have Cleaning Tools For Windows


Windows serve many functions in a building. From letting in light and air, to complementing a home’s aesthetic look, windows are invaluable. Any homeowner who is intent on getting value for their money should be ready to look after his or her windows. It is not a hard task. You simply need the right window cleaning tools. Here are some of the best in the market.

The steam cleaner

This window cleaner is small and light enough to be held by one hand while cleaning. It has a removable squeegee attachment specifically meant for windows. However, you could always use a clean rug in place of the squeegee to wipe the windows when cleaning.

Window trigger spray mop

This cleaner is designed for windows that are far up on the building. It has an extendable mop, wiper, water tank, and the trigger spray. Those who have this cleaner do not need a ladder to reach the top windows. You can conveniently get rid of dirt while standing on the ground.

Wiper blade squeegee

The wiper blade squeegee is known for its simplicity. With a flexible car wiper blade, it easily gets the job done. The anti-slip handle provides a good grip while the rotating hook is convenient for hanging the cleaner on showerheads, caddies, or towel bars.

Scoopy condensation squeegee

Just as its name suggests, this gadget scoops up any cleaning residue or condensation from the window leaving it dry. It makes window cleaning hassle-free.

Window vacuum cleaner

If you thought vacuum cleaners were only designed for floors and rugs, welcome to the window vacuum cleaner. A highly efficient tool that gets rid of dirt, water, and cleaning agent residues from windows, leaving it spotless. The foreign substances are simply vacuumed from the window surface.

Now that you know about the different window cleaning products found in the market, it is time to talk to professional cleaners who are well accustomed with the equipment. Feel free to call us on 087 551 0797 and speak to any of our skilled maids. They will provide you with all the necessary details and invaluable advice. Be sure to ask for a free quote while making your booking. We are a certified and trustworthy cleaning company in Durban, with years of experience in all manner of dirt and stain removal. Our cleaners are available for both commercial & residential projects, and they only use reliable & eco-friendly methods.

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